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Signage Limited Warrantee

Custom Fabrication & Sign Limited Warrantee

Amcoe Sign Company warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship as follows:

  • For a (1) year period, if the sign product is determined to be defective, Amcoe Sign will repair or replace any and all defective parts. Warrantee starts from billing date.* Exceptions: Warrantee does not include light bulbs, LED’s, fluorescent tubes or Transformers*.
  • Manufacturer warrantee of electronic transformers & neon ballasts is covered for 1 year from date of billing. This does not include removal of defective units and re-install of new units after 90 days.
  • Manufacturer warrantee of LED lighting is covered for 2 years from date of billing, the LED light strips will be removed and returned to manufacturer for replacement. This does not include removal of defective units and re-install of new units after 90 days.
  • Manufacturer warrantee of Opaque, Metallic & Translucent Vinyl depends on the manufacturer (see below):
    • 3M Intermediate Scotchcal Graphic Film Series – 5 Years
    • 3M Translucent Scotchcal Graphic Film Series – 5 Years
    • Sandblast Film & Etchmark – 6 Years
  • Vinyl material will be replaced at no charge to the customer by the vinyl manufacturer if failure of the product is proven by normal conditions. Re-cutting of the material and re-installation are not covered past the 1 Year standard sign warrantee.
  • There are no warranties beyond this expressed written warranty, we will not pay incidental or consequential damages under this warranty. By this, we mean any loss of business, business expense, or damage regarding sign(s).
  • Limited warrantee on temporary signs and banners based on material and workmanship only for 10 days.
  • Amcoe Sign does not take responsibility for building structure being adequate to support sign(s) and/or interior or exterior building surfaces to accept signage. (re: painting, patching or touch up of surface unless in original bid).
  • Amcoe Sign does not warrantee “Vandalism, Misuse of Signage or Extreme Weather conditions”. Including: Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Extreme Thunderstorms, Lightning, Snow Storms, Excessive Snow, High Winds and Tornados.
  • All signage is built within the City Government guidelines to be structurally sound and approved by City Planning & Building department and larger signs are always engineered by our certified structural engineer.


NOTE ELECTRICAL SIGNS: ELECTRICAL MUST BE AT LOCATION AT TIME OF INSTALLATION FOR US TO HOOK UP, IF WE HAVE TO MAKE ADDITIONAL TRIPS, THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Electrical to the sign should be installed by a qualified C10 Electrician. Amcoe Sign Company is a C45 speciality sign contractor with the State or California.
Our contractors license number is #760842

This warranty becomes null and void if payment is not made in full at the time of installation according to terms of agreement. All are covered by manufacturer warrantee for a period of 1 year. This warrantee does not cover costs incurred for removal and re-install after 90 days from date of billing.