Amcoe Sign Bucket Truck, Boom Lift & Crane Services


Sign Maintenance, Boom & Crane Install & Sign Service

Fleet of Boom & Bucket Trucks

We keep most lamps, drivers and transformers in stock & on trucks

Low two hour minimum on most cranes.

Certified Crane Operators / Certified Riggers

Flat Bed Services

Short – Term Storage and Delivery To Site Options

Air Conditioners, Compressors, Duct Work

Pre – Fab Buildings, Steel Beams, Trusses, Glulam Beams

Steel Railings

Boulders & Statues

Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Light Poles


Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead do I have to schedule?

Callers generally schedule cranes from one to several days in advance. The greater the lead-time, the greater the likelihood of securing a convenient time for you. Shorter jobs can be working into the schedule more easily (even the same day), more complex jobs require more planning and lead-time. Jobs requiring site-inspection and/or permits may require 2 to 5 days depending on circumstances.

How do I know what kind of crane I need?

Generally, call and ask us. Any of our personnel would be pleased to advise you. If the job specifications are still in question, we do on-site jobchecks for a nominal fee.

What lifting information do we need?

Try to have all the following:

1. Accurate jobsite address/description.

2. Any special conditions, wires, trees, limited access, gate numbers, directions, etc.

3. Type and number of items being lifted.

4. Weights of items being lifted.

5. Lifting dimensions: height of building, closest access to building, horizontal distance from roof parapet to set-point. If we are not lifting onto a building or structure, know the horizontal distance and height from crane to load.

Can I schedule a crane for weekends or before & after hours?

Yes. Our normal office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and you may call during these hours to schedule for any time or day subject to availability. For after-hour emergencies, call our regular number and follow the voice-prompts for instant response.

What about permits?

See Permits For Cranes.

How far will Amcoe Sign travel to do a job?

We travel quite far from our home base (sometimes 100 miles or more). Some of our customers prefer having Amcoe at their jobsites no matter where they are. Travel-time is a factor however, and may behoove you to hire a local service to avoid those travel charges.

Do you charge more for traveling to more than one jobsite?

We do not charge by the number of jobsites. Charges are based on accumulated time, portal to portal. In other words, travel-time is computed from our yard in Oakland, California to your first jobsite plus the return trip from your last jobsite. Job-time is the time spent in between, regardless of location.

What are the charges for travel time?

Whether a crane is on the road or at the jobsite, charges are accumulating. The hourly rate for that particular crane applies.

Why are some cranes rated in feet and others are rated in tons?

In fact, all cranes are rated in both ways. The common practice of referring to lightweight stinger cranes by their footage and the larger hydros by their capacities in tonnage is historical in origin. For the complete description one should be aware of both ratings in each case. (see Descriptions of Equipment for more clarification)