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The Sign Timer – it’s important…

If you own a business and you have a back storage area or electrical room you’ve seen this thing, or passed by it at least a million times. It must be a time machine, you think, with all that gibberish! Not to fear, it’s just your friendly sign timer! The sign timer is an old fashioned but very useful tool. You can set your electrical sign to turn on & turn off at predetermined times and it’s very simple to use.


1. TO SET “ON” AND “OFF” TIMES: Hold trippers against edge of CLOCK-DIAL, pointing to time (AM or PM) when ON and OFF operations are desired, tighten tripper screws firmly. For additional tripper pairs on CLOCK-DIAL order 156T1978A.

2. TO SET TIME-OF-DAY: Pull CLOCK-DIAL outward. Turn in either direction and align the exact time-of-day on the CLOCK- DIAL (the time now, when switch is being put into operation) to the pointer. DO NOT MOVE POINTER.


• TO OPERATE SWITCH MANUALLY: Move MANUAL LEVER below CLOCK-DIAL left or right as indicated by arrows. This will not effect next operation.

• IN CASE OF POWER FAILURE, reset CLOCK-DIAL to proper time-of-day.