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Attic Access for Sign Installation, Maintenance & City Sign Inspectors


When installing an Illuminated sign on a commercial building, all Sign Installers and City Sign Inspectors are going to need access to “Behind the Sign Wall”.

When people drive by a lighted sign at night they don’t understand the intricacies of a typical sign installation and they don’t understand that all sign professionals need to get behind the wall the sign is mounted on. This typically happens in the Attic Space of the building, so getting to that area can sometimes be troublesome.

All contractors, building owners and landlords need to understand that access to the attic space is essential. Typically access to the attic is already available by an access panel somewhere in the interior of the building, by either a simple Hatch Door, Stairwell or a Pull Down Ladder.

Note: City Sign Inspectors WILL NOT scurry around the inside of an attic, they typically require the access panel within 4 or 5 feet of the sign. So, if your Access Hatch is 20′ away, another access panel will be required near the sign location.

If there is no access to the attic space, this typically happens in older buildings, you will need to install an access door to get to that space at an added cost.

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Steven Keith Coulthard
42 Years in the Sign Business
Account Executive